Soesp Advanced is an exclusive technology launched in 2011, which aims to produce very high-quality seeds, following the needs of agricultural systems that are being improved with the help of research and investment, following the demands of the consumer market, which demands high productivity and adequacy to environmental laws. The seeds that receive the Advanced treatment are shielded by technology and gain several benefits to improve field productivity.


Soesp Advanced Treatment is available for all our Brachiarias and Panicuns.

Benefits of Soesp Advanced

• High Purity – All seeds with the SOESP ADVANCED treatment are around 98% pure.


• Greater Uniformity – The uniformity of SOESP ADVANCED seeds results in high plantability in all forms of planting, whether by tossing, row, vacuum or even aerial, because there is not as much drift as present in common seeds. The seed shielded by Advanced technology can be used in various machinery in both mechanized and manual systems. High treatment quality reduces seed adherence resulting in well distributed and flawless sowing.


• Does not disrupt treatment – The purpose of the treatment is to protect the seed until its establishment, with the innovative formula of SOESP ADVANCED its treatment does not break with the friction of machinery at the time of planting, ensuring the effectiveness of the products used.


• Treatment with one insecticide and two fungicides – This treatment continues to protect the seed from attack by birds, ants, storage or soil fungi until its establishment, eliminating the handling of agrochemicals on the property. With Soesp Advanced seeds you are assured that you are bringing a nematode and other pests free seed to your property.


• Resistance to water stress – In situations where there is little rain and a period of drought occurs the seed treated with Advanced technology maintains its quality. With intelligence in absorption, they will only germinate when there is enough water for their full development.


• Ideal for Crop-Livestock-Forest Integration (ICLF): The sum of all these benefits makes Soesp Advanced seeds the ideal forage seeds for the corn intercropping system, where there is the introduction of the third box in the seeder, with alternate rows or tossing; planting coffee, avoiding erosion losses in sloping areas and keeping the humidity; forage planting for straw before soybeans optimizing the no-tillage system; eucalyptus planting for higher animal performance and gain in product diversification. Integration improves soil quality through forage roots (Brachiaria Ruziziensis for example), allows nutrient cycling, adds organic matter to the system, reduces use of agrochemicals, and the economic benefit of generating more income and leaving the farmer more protected against market swings.