Panicum Maximum CV. BRS Tamani

Originally from tropical Africa; grows erect and low with a height of up to 1.3 m; thin, arched leaves (up to 1.9 cm wide) with little hair; stems are thin with short internodes and are not waxy; sheaths are hairless.


  • Common Name: Tamani
  • Growth: Caespitose
  • Land Cover: Excellent
  • Fertility Requirements: High
  • Quality of Forage: Excellent
  • Drought Tolerance: Has not been studied
  • Shade Tolerance: Low
  • Tolerance of Wet Soil: Low
  • Disease Resistance: Moderately resistant to leaf spot
  • Pest Resistance: Resistant to leafhoppers; susceptible to nematodes (Pratylenchus brachyurus)
  • Drying: Has not been studied
  • Deferral: Unsui
  • Haying: Has not been studied
  • Silage: Has not been studied
  • Consortia: Unsui
  • Crop-Livestock-Forest Integration: Has not been studied
  • Animal Category: Cattle, Horses, Sheep
  • Pasture Establishment: Easy
  • Seeding Density: -
  • Seeding Density (Advanced - 80 CV): -
  • Seeding depth: Up to 3 cm
  • Germination: 10 to 28 days
  • Height when beginning Grazing Rotation: 55 to 60cm
  • Height when ending Grazing Rotation: 20 to 25cm
  • Expected Animal Performance: Excellent