Social Responsibility


SOESP recognizes the increasing environmental degradation in recent years and strives to preserve natural resources. The SOESP Responsible campaign raises environmental awareness among the employees,  stimulates good practices both inside and outside of the company to minimize environmental impact.

The SOESP Responsible campaign emphasizes the four Rs of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink. We organized all the communication channels within the company to: inform, influence, educate and facilitate life for all our employees, so that concern for the planet spreads from here to wherever they go.

Reduce: Signs throughout our company remind those who come in and out of the different ways to conserve water and electricity. We also use natural resources to conserve electricity wherever possible, for instance we open windows to take advantage of sunshine and wind.

Re-use: Realizing that the excessive use of disposables harms the environment, SOESP provides drinking glasses for their employees. This protects the employees’ health and the environment. Printed paper that is no longer useful is saved as scrap paper to emphasize the importance of reusing.

Recycle: Throughout SOESP there are recycling points to collect paper, metal, plastics, organic materials, batteries, rechargers, PPEs and more. Boxes, sacks and all other materials that can not be reused by employees are collected and sold to recycling companies. The money received from this is used to fund get-togethers for the employees throughout the year.

Rethink: We use visual and electronic means to communicate, for instance bulletin boards, e-mail marketing, subscription e-mails, and many other ways to inform and encourage positive contributions to our planet. SOESP also organizes campaigns and lectures that emphasize this goal.

By putting all of these principles into practice, SOESP and its employees contribute to a healthier planet. We instill quality in our products and in the environment too!