What Differentiates SOESP

SOESP considers customer service fundamental to maintaining brand quality. To meet their clients’ needs better, SOESP guarantees that the production process, from the selection of seeds to marketing, is done with sincerity and commitment.

An expert oversees the seed selection process ensuring that the criteria for quality seeds are met.

The selected seeds are then sent to main facility for processing. Once there, samples are taken from every bag and homogenized to form a lot. This final sample is sent to the laboratory where quality is evaluated. Humidity, physical purity, germination, viability, and the presence of harmful and tolerated seeds are all carefully analyzed.

After processing and testing are completed, some of the seeds are sold while others receive SOESP ADVANCED treatments, which adds technology and innovation. The finished seeds are carefully packaged, stacked on pallets and placed in a ventilated storage area.  Before being transported anywhere, SOESP’s seeds are carefully palletized and wrapped with stretch film to protect them on their way to the client.

The marketing process is also important to us here at SOESP. We see it as one more opportunity to make sure that all our customers’ needs are met. To ensure commercial excellence and customer satisfaction, we keep a highly-qualified technical team active in both the national and international market.