Recommendations for Seeding and Storage


Some tips to avoid common problems and incorrect establishment of forages:

  • Never mix the seeds with potash or nitrogen fertilizers. These fertilizers are highly hygroscopic and can kill the seeds by dehydration.
  • Phosphate fertilizers can be mixed with the seeds on the day that seeding will take place.
  • When air seeding or seeding manually it is important to use seeds with a high Cultural Value (CV%).
  • When air seeding or broadcasting, we recommended that you increase by 30% the seeding rate that would be used for drilling.
  • Planting seeds too deep can hinder pasture establishment.
  • Always keep the seeder’s hopper full to prevent the vibrations from separating the seeds and causing uneven seeding.
  • When planting land that was burned, always seed before the first rains.


Here are some important tips for maintaining the quality of seeds that will be stored before planting or leftovers seeds that will be stored afterwards:

  • Store the seeds in sealed bags, stacked on wooden pallets and in well-ventilated areas.
  • Do not allow the seed sacks to lean against walls.
  • Do not store seeds close to fertilizers, lime or other agrochemicals.
  • The storage area must be clean and free of rodents and fungi.
  • The temperature in the storage area should not exceed 25 ° C and relative humidity should not exceed 70%.