Our History

SOESP or Western Paulista Seeds began operations in 1985 in Presidente Prudente, a city near the western border of São Paulo state. Itamar Alves de Oliveira (current president of the company) decided to expand his family business. He saw the production of high-quality, trustworthy tropical forage seeds as an opportunity to meet the needs of those who work the land. With dedication, determination and hard work, he founded what is today one of the largest agricultural companies in Brazil: SOESP.

Since then, SOESP strives to provide farmers in Brazil and around the globe with the most modern and innovative pasture seeds. In keeping with this goal, SOESP developed SOESP Advanced seed, a unique technology in the seeds market. SOESP Advanced technology has a variety of benefits during sowing and pasture establishment, and it fits perfectly into the integrated Crop-Livestock-Forest system, which seeks to increase both agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability.

After 30 years of experience in the seeds market, SOESP has earned the trust of farmers. These farmers have received the technical information necessary for proper pasture management and land use, and they have expressed complete satisfaction with SOESP seeds. SOESP’s seed production facility is well-equipped to produce, process, market and develop new technologies for livestock and low-carbon agriculture.

In the best interest of farmers and ranchers, SOESP - as an associate of Unipasto and Embrapa - encourages research and the development of new species and varieties of forage, while remembering their mission: "To produce and sell the highest quality pasture seeds while respecting man and the environment. "